Witch Hunter Robin

Just finished another Anime Series tonight, called Witch Hunter Robin. Since it was a generous gift of my friend Hein, I'd like to comment on it. (That was the agreement, after all).

Hmm. Well, as with most Anime I've watched lately, this one started out strong and then got a little muddled. Not terribly so, but ... I wonder if I'm just growing impatient with eastern-style story telling. I know I'll get nostolgic about the series in a few months (as I've done with .hack), but right now I just feel a little unfulfilled.

For example, (SPOILERS FOLLOW, ANIME FANS! STOP READING HERE!) the final showdowns between Zaizen and Robin and Amon; what was everyone's motivation? Why was everyone in that room? Where did Factory's security go? And why was everyone so suprised that the witches were dead? I thought it was made pretty clear much earlier that Factory wasn't keeping them on Ice or anything.

The whole series was plagued by logic problems. And I wouldn't have been so harsh on it if the style wasn't so adult. A series posing as anime X-files can't have the logic leaps of a kid's series. But why were Craft Users hunting Witches in the first place?

It's late and I've had a lot of tea, so I don't know if I can articulate my dissatisfaction readily. I really, really really loved the atmosphere and the soundtrack. And thank god I watched it fansubbed -- a higher quality level would have had me angry at all the CG backgrounds.

All in all, thanks Fub for the CDS!

Now, I'm on to X.