Pizza Royale 2003

The date: November 18th, 2003 The location: Boom Chicago

The event: Pizza Royale 2003

As many of my LA friends know, every year I import Chicago deep-dish pizzas from Lou Malnati's for an Event. Firstly, I never celebrate my birthday. I hate birthdays. But as a compromise to those who need a party, I screen the film Battle Royale and everyone eats great pizza. This year was no exception. 16 cast and crew members joined me for deepdish at 11:00pm. The pizzas were flown on Dry Ice to New York City, and then picked up there by Suzi Barett and couriered to Amsterdam for consumption that night. We baked in Boom's kitchen, and watched the film.

See, not a lot of Americans have seen BR. It was never officially imported by the US, probably due to Colombine.

But it's such a good movie!

So, everyone enjoyed it, everyone got full, and then we went home. Success!

Here's a shout out to anyone who's ever been at a Pizza Royale! Three Years and Counting!