Gosh it sure is nice to have the Net

So, last night was a night off. I had a delightful dinner with Tim and then drinks with herr director Pep and owner Andrew. Came home, chatted with Josh -- all's well, it seems. Played video games all day, made invitations to Pizza Royale 3, and then tonight we had a full house for our two shows. So there's not much to report. But... There's been several requests to see footage of Boom in action. This is taken with my Fuji Photo Camera (so it's not exactly high quality -- the camera takes stills, not video. It's just a nice feature.), and I blended the footage together with XP pack-in, Windows Movie Maker.

Of course, there is no footage of me. Silly! I have to hold the camera! But you can get an idea of what we do at Boom (and the set, stage, etc) through this lovely little link.

It's somewhere around 4MB.

This is Yo! The freestyle rapping game at Boom!

Oh, and to describe the game a little bit better: You interview a person sitting near the stage. Their name, their home, their job, etc. Then you rap about them. There's really no ... umm ... safety net. And when I first started doing it, it scared the shit out of me. But now it's not so bad. Jim is great at it!