Walking around with my 3Ds and taking pictures is a certain way to start a conversation with a stranger. I pull out the system, frame my image, and someone comes up and asks me what I'm doing. "Taking a 3D picture," I say.

I hand them the system, and they follow up with, "Is this some kind of new camera?"

I tell them it's the 3Ds; it takes 3-d pictures, plays 3-D games, surfs the internet, and plays music. When I tell them how much it costs, they're shocked. Today, I was even asked, "Does it come with the 3-D for that price?"

Nintendo is doing a terrible job of getting the word out about their system.  I'm selling the machine on the street to strangers just by using it.  Why doesn't Nintendo pay people to do just that? Use the machine in public, and it sells itself.

Sharing the photos I've been taking is a little bit trickier.  I can turn them into animated Gif files, thanks to this tutorial and the website 3d Porch, but they lose a lot when you don't view them in 3D. Still, check out my Wigglepics, and get yourself a 3DS so we can Streetpass.