Copyranter. Or rather, "copyranter."

One of my favorite blogs on the internet is copyranter. The bio on the frontpage begins like this: "I have been an NYC advertising copywriter for 18 years, all at the same ad agency. copyranter is updated about 20 times a week. I hate capri pants." Whomever is behind the page also hates, "stand-up comedy, Improv comedy, sketch comedy, "alt" comedy, Readings, poetry slams, SUVs, PCs, drinking straws," and more. In fact, the side-bar is a list of basically everything you might run into on a New York city street. The site features the worst and best in advertising, and features oddities and missteps like, "Oreo Barbie."

If you're into corporate propaganda, this is a fantastic first stop for your day.