Update Update Update

Hello hello hello from the caffinated Centrum of Amsterdam. So here are a few of the things I've realized I haven't posted data on.

When the alumni were in town, there was a huge Boom Softball game on the Museumplein. 10 years of Boom taking an 18 incher to task. And people recognizing the Meyers bros from Television. More errors than saves -- and Brendan screaming at me for whatever I did wrong -- but I did get the play of the game (leaping catch tag-out) before I jammed my thumb into two months of pain.

A Squirtgun match on the Leidseplein. Veil, Colton, Girl and me running around in the rain (it was hot and sunny before we bought guns -- just more of the unaccountable maliciousness of the universe) ... John Woo style shoot outs and laughing child-style.

Corporate Show at PINC; waking up at six in the morning to go to Centraal Station and train to a show 2 hours away just to do a single five minute improv game and net 80 Euro. And we got giant free stuffed Polar Bears.

My parents visit. Plenty of dinners and no great food. A wonderful evening with Suzi, Paige, and Mom and Dad. Suzi cooks dinner, I cook dessert, and then we all watch Potter at a rented apartment where my parents are staying.

Paige, Colton and 10 others playing Hide-and-Go seek in an abandoned Nightclub. Terrified ghost story-style stuff and throwing chairs from 3 stories into the street till the cops came. (If you're my parents, don't read this last entry).

We're a bunch of kids. And there's no guilt because we're doing our job well and getting paid. I got a voice over for a commercial for Phillips. And a free hair dryer from them, too.

I play the Harry Potter trading card game every day. And I'm going to Belgium to see Sophie's Expo this week. Great Japanese food. Pancakes at the Prinsingracht with Fred and Suzi and Sophie. Time to straighten my hair for tonight's show.