A week of little sleep ...

Well, not exactly. More like 50 hours with little sleep. On Wednesday (Or Wonsdaaaggg as it seems to be called in Dutch), Suzi and I went to my favorite Japanese resturaunt, and ate Shabu Shabu courtesy of the delightful Noriko (so cute, this little waitress -- oh dear, so cute!). Then, in the morning, we took the train to Brussels (which seemed like an unfamilar Amsterdam, at least where we were hanging out), and attended "Los Angeles" -- Sophie's first gallery debut. I was quite impressed with the quality of work, and also the number of people there. I met Manu, Marie and Val (and many others), and we ate Indian food which gave me a deathly poisoning. The trip back was 3hr40min long, and we had a 7:15 call for a day long corporate ... and then there was a show, and a Late Night ... so 19 hours of work after throwing up all night. But it's well paid!

I got an email from Phillips today, and they're using my voice over for their new national campaign. Things are swell in Holland.