The Process Exhausts

To those of you who have been nagging me to post, know that it's not for lack of desire that I don't. Boom is in Full-Fledged-Process mode -- meaning that every day is an endurance test to the end. Example:

Rehearsals are every day now, staring at noon and concluding at 17:00. They take place inside the windowless interior of the Boom Zaal. It's a bit like working at a casino, without the slot machines. Very depressing after a few days. We warm up, we review our new material for the day. Sometimes it's improv games (we're working on a Sitcom form right now that's very promising), most of the time, it's sketches for the new show: "Why Aren't You Happy Yet?"

After 5 hours of rehearsal, we have about an hour/hour-and-a-half off to rest, before getting back to the theatre at 18:30 to rehearse the new material that's being tested in that evening's show. The show ends at 22:15, and we review notes for the night (finishing up around 23:30 or so). Have a drink with the audience, talk about corporate shows, head home. I eat dinner around midnight every night and then stay up till 2:00/3:00 writing the material for the next day or preparing warm ups. Wake up at 10, eat breakfast, re-write the material for the day, head into the theatre, make copies, review and begin again.

A lot of fun, surely, but also quite exhausting. I wouldn't trade it for another job (unless that job was assasin or magician) -- but it's a very specific kind of endurance to be funny for that length of time. Emotionally draining. I feel bad for Sophie; I haven't written her (or anyone else for that matter) any kind of emails lately because I don't want to sound like a robot engaging a writing-program. When you write an email to someone, you want it to be interesting and fun and charming -- and I have no capacity for any of these at the end of 5 days of this comedy boot camp. So, to those who are dissapointed in the lack of posts/calls/emails -- know that I'm thinking of you, but I think you deserve better than Heather the Automaton.