This weekend marked my second radio interview. The first I did on behalf of Boom; I was their frontman for what was essentially an interactive ad with a dj. The second, however, was yesterday ... Oscar Sunday (Or, the day Bill Murray was robbed -- he deserved that award for what was a brilliant and deeply moving performance). Anyway, I was called up by a Hilversum (Amsterdam) radio station to be interviewed as Gollum. I've been doing him as a character for some shows, and I guess they heard about it -- I guess I can just do the same voice that Andy Serkis can do. It was lighthearted and fun ... and apparently I'll be getting a link to the Real Audio file so I can share it with everyone. Other than that, we're about to go into our new show process. The theme is "Why aren't you happy yet?" and Boom proposes to lampoon self-help groups and commericialism, and everything else. Starts tomorrow, at noon, and from then on out, we rehearse 5 hours a day, 5 days a week, on the new show, and put in 5 hours a night in the current show (performing).

On Wednesday, I've got a part in a dutch movie. More on that when I know what the shot is. I'm playing an MTV Vj.


Oh, and by the way, Fub --- your FLCL shirt is ordered and on its way.