The End of Noein

Today, I finally got to watch the final episode of Noein.

I’ve posted about Noein before, over the last eight months. I’m so happy that the finale delivered; oftentimes, anime loses its focus on the journey to the end. I remember Noein lagging sometimes during the middle, but the final episode seemed to draw from the same well of intelligent action and melodrama as the first few episodes.

I know Dave is doing the review of the first disc (Manga entertainment is releasing Noein this fall), but maybe I’ll be able to drag it away from him. Now that I’m in this industry, I find it very strange that Anime reviews aren’t done with the entire series in mind; instead, reviews are typically done disc-by-disc, or with just the first episode. In my mind, that’s like reviewing the first 10 pages of a book, or the opening credits of a movie.

I need the soundtrack to this series.