Something I Noticed at the Theater

So, I was walking by the Wicker Man poster, when something struck me.

The posters for World Trade Center and Wicker Man…

Both feature the same negative space. In fact, if one overlays them…

… you get a very chilling image indeed. Now, these are two Nic Cage films — not a random selection of Things At The Movies.

Wow. Notice the font of the slogans, and their commentary on one another:

A True Story of Courage and Survival

Some Sacrifices Must Be Made

I know I’m not the last to make 9/11 jokes. But I feel like there’s a significant difference between using humor to cope, and making sincere CG World Trade Center explosions. Furthermore, I think this illustrates some of the questions raised by a piece of WTC entertainment. You can’t help but compare a movie to other movies, nor its poster to other posters.

I mean, the poster for World Trade Center is selling

the events

of September 11th.

I should get one for my wall. From Aaahs! Right? Because it’s a cool poster, right?

I’m really not a fan of this film.