Setbacks and Power-Ups

This Sunday, I found out that MadTV is not hiring anyone new this year. It was quite the blow. I mean, sure, I wasn’t exactly counting on a job there — but I thought I’d at least be able to audition. To take stock. And I wanted to close that door, or open it completely, instead of standing near the frame, watching the light from within.

Comedy is more exhausting than anything I’ve experienced in the world. Except math. The good news is, I’ve confirmed that SNL has my tape. That’s really all I want; I just needed to know it didn’t get lost in the mail, or thown away. If they don’t agree with the tape or find it funny, fine. But I wanted the honest chance. Today, I dropped the casting director a line: “Did you get my package?” She replied, “Yes - it’s here!”

Great. And the exclamation mark seems positive. My job at Play continues to be exciting. At the risk of making everyone hate me, I’ll go into a little detail. My first review is in the next issue; it’s of My-HiME, an anime television series. The issue after that will have my NiGHTS retro coverage, a review of Fullmetal Alchemist: The Conqueror of Shambala, an interview I did with Jennifer Sekiguchi, and as many as two reviews of portable games. I’m getting those games in the mail tomorrow, and will cover them on the way to and from New York this weekend.

In my NiGHTS review, I tried working in a little New Games Journalism. Just a little. I’m hoping to adapt some of the feel of NGJ for Play; I think it’ll do the industry some good, and once the door is open, it’ll be easier to recommend my friends from The Gamer’s Quarter for freelance. And I feel like Dave Halverson is a New Games Journalist at heart. He just doesn’t know it, yet.

Everytime someone in the games industry doesn’t know about the movement, it shocks me. I can’t imagine living in a world where “Old Games Journalism” is all one knows of gaming reviews.