Pepsi and the Choice of the Greater World

So, I've figured out something fairly incredible. See, the Japanese public prefers Pepsi to Coke. I'd never understood why a country which makes such amazing media decisions would ever choose the clearly inferior Pepsi to the formula-perfect Coca Cola.


Everytime I drink Coca-Cola here in Amsterdam, my subconsious complains. There's just something missing from foreign Coke, it seems. And I didn't understand it until I tried a Holland Pepsi.

Pepsi is Coke. Coke is Watered Down RC.

That's right. The rest of the world is drinking an awful Coke-a-Cola substitute. I'll dub it Non Coke. And a lucky few are drinking Pepsi. I'll dub it Coke.

Does this make any sense?

The point is, Japan knows what they're drinking. They haven't made a mistake. They just prefer the tastier foreign beverage. And now, so do I. Drink Pepsi when abroad.