Before I begin anything, I need to ask a question: Who invented the Confession game for Ultimate Improv? Or is it an existing modification to the World's Worst game? I'm introducing it to Boom, since it's the best game I've ever played, and I want to give credit to the originator. Now. On with the journal.

So, it has been a long time since I've had the opportunity to update. I've been quite the busy bee, and so has Boom. We're beginning the rollout of publicity.

First up was the Netherlands' 60 Minutes, which featured Boom Chicago and the ramifications of US' war with Iraq. There was an interview with the directors and owners of the theaters, and included in the 10-15 min segment was a clip of Suzi Barret and I rapping. This marks the first time I've performed for an audience of more than 1 million people. Too bad they all spake Dutch.

Then we had the article in the New York times, again adressing the war on iraq and the Netherlands' response, as well as Boom's place in it all. This was last friday, I believe. The article was repeated in the London Herald.

Also, Suzi, Jim and I had our interview and photo shoot for some magazine here. They took photos at the auditions and then took more photos when we were cast. Sort of an article on the process of creating new Boom performers.

Again ... we talked about the war. It's on everyone's mind here. There were protests, perhaps you heard? There was a giant chalk graffito in the Leidseplein that said "Bush = Terrorist". Right.

So, that's all the news that's fit to print. I could write more, but I must away to more shows. Toodle-Pip!