Parties and Parties.

So the last couple of days have been filled with social event after social event. On Sunday night, I took a train out to the suburbs of Amsterdam and attended a party in Justine's house. What a fantastic house! Not everyone lives in a closet, it turns out. Ha ha ha. That's funny for lots of reasons.

Anyway, also on Sunday, I went out to IKEA Amsterdam and purchased some decorations for my tiny room. What was completely suprising was the layout of the IKEA showroom. See, in America, the Model Environments are spacious and delightful. What a difference Europe makes. The IKEA rooms here are vibrantly accurate -- each bathroom had a toilet in its shower ... JUST LIKE MINE.

Word to Helland: Plumbing. Your toilet doesn't have to be under the faucet. Shit somewhere else.

Today was Pep's birthday, and we surprised him by heading to an Art Deco Sauna. He thought we all had corporate shows, but really the schedule had been filled with fake gigs so that when he walked into the Sauna, we could all be there waiting for him with a big "ikpleitsa" (which is my improper spelling of the greek word for Surprise!) My first Sauna experience. Wow. We took 15 minutes to hit the Wet Sauna and then dove into an icey "Cold Pool" to send our bodies into shock. This is followed by the traditional "going outside" to feel the freezing natural temperature of A'dam -- and then a hot foot bath and hot shower.