Lowlands, Day Two

Woke up early today to continue the Lowlands adventure. Again, we performed for 1,400 people - a sold-out house. I got to beatbox with Robbie, do an improvised song with full backup to a giant, laughing, screaming crowd. It's as close to being a rockstar as I'll ever be. And probably as close to actual rockstars I'll ever be. I watched Beck from backstage. Then I played Gameboy SP Castlevania till the batteries ran out. Took pictures, drove the van home and listened to stories told by my drunk fellow comedians. My photographs have been chosen to run the Uitmarkt campaign at Boom Chicago. I also took all the photos for the new flyer. I have the first thing *ever* that says, "Photographs Courtesy" me. Riding high into the fall. Very tired, though. To be expected.

I know Scott and Jenny Flack are auditioning for Boom. Anyone else? Read my journal. See the proof. I know it's scary to leave everything behind to live in Europe for a year or more. But I'm beginning to believe that anything that shakes you a little bit has some value. Scare yourself and affect your life. And do comedy every day.