Lowlands, Day One

Just got off the bus from Lowlands, where Boom Chicago performed for 2000 people at a Woodstock-like outdoor music festival, at one of the 5 giant tents. Beck. Foo Fighters. Electric Six. And one of my favorites, Lamb. Something like 200 acts. And since I'm a performer, I got a backstage pass to everything.

So Suzi and I headed to the place where Lamb was playing, and headed backstage so that I could offer up an apology -- or rather, so that Suzi could say it for me, since I hate talking to people I don't know. See, we were performing at the same time as Lamb -- the only band at the whole 3 day festival that I gave a shit about. I wished them goodluck, and then we all sat at a table talking for a bit about Paradiso in Amsterdam, and their tours.

Rain, festival food, ravers, necklaces for sale, all that stereotypical festival stuff was in full effect. I'm exhausted, and I have to go back tomorrow for our next show. It's the highest honor, and I'm so flattered to be a part of it all, again.

I don't know who to thank for all this. I'm not religious, so I can't thank a higher power. I thank my parents for their support, of course. A big shout-out to the two who raised me and gave me all the opportunites that lead to me hanging out with Lamb, and doing a show in Europe where people start lining up an hour before our show even lets in, declining the opportunity to see 8 different amazing bands while they wait for us. Thanks for the front row who came to scream "Yo Here We Go" with us, who *knew* us already and rapped the chorus with us. Thanks to Devo for saying, "Campbell, what are you doing next week? You should audition for Boom." Thanks to all my friends who put up with the nervous breakdowns I had for months before the move. You know who you are, and listing you would just mean taking up hours that I should spend sleeping.

On the T-shirt, we're listed right below Beck. I bought one to frame.