Anime and ...

Scottie came back and auditioned for Boom Chicago last week. Fantastic. He did a great job and also played another Late Night. I've been a little fried; Sept. is a difficult month at Boom (apparently, the entire fall/early winter is rough), and I'm doing 10 shows every 5 days or so... But still, recently I finished watching RahXephon and .hack. Since I don't know how to link to another page within my livejournal (I'm an HTML dunce), I'll just post a bit on them here. For those of you not into Anime, don't worry about all this. It's mostly for the new friend who sent me such great fansubs.

.Hack//sign Was fantastic until about midway through. Such a lonely show. But I thought that the tone shift when the party heads into the broken server was abrupt, and from that point on, the show didn't seem to make much sense. I don't appriciate shows that set up tangents that aren't followed through, and too much of the series seemed to be hooking you on characters so that you'd buy the game and manga. Unfortunate, because I don't think I'll get to either of those, and would have loved to know the full arc of Tsukasa. The ending was a little forced, too.

RahXephon Here's a troubled piece of work. If I hadn't seen Eva before, I probably would have truly loved much of the show, but since so much of the content was beat-for-beat borrowed from NGE, it was difficult to appriciate the series as a whole. I adore the character design -- Mishima Reika has been my LJ icon since I started the journal. And the music in the series was FANTASTIC, also. So many moments in the show were truly beautiful (which is what kept me going), but the Eva stuff ... c'mon, guys. You had a chance to do something unique, but instead it just felt cribbed.

That's all, I've got to jet.