A Second Time ...

Fret fret fret ... The worst part about losing an entry to the unruly internet is knowing that the recap of things already posted won't be as good as the original. I'm already impatient and I haven't even begun yet. What am I talking about? Why, LIVEJOURNAL already ate this entry once ... and now I'm rewriting it to fill you in.

This weekend was no exception to the promise of a busy September. (What's nice about a workaholic Sept is the well-funded Halloween that follows!) But anyway, on Saturday morning, I unknowingly embarked on an adventure that would change my eating habits for life.

Err ... or at least it would make for a good entry.

Saturday Morning, 6:45. Heather arrives at Boom Chicago for a corporate somewhere in Holland.

12:00. Having memorized her script and the running order for the show, Heather performs said corporate show on a stage at an old fort near a nuclear power plant. The center of the fort has been newly converted to an enclosed theatre. The stage is huge. The show is a hit.

13:00. Brendan, Tim, Jaime, and Heather are invited to lunch with the client. 13:10. Heather sits at the end of a long wooden table, in a Medieval Dining Hall lit only by candlelight. Tim remarks, "I feel like I just got Gryfindorr. (Sp)"

13:15 Lunch is announced by a man in period costume. Trumpets sound. Everyone yells something in Dutch.

13:16. There is no silverware.

13:30 Everyone is given a hat and bib. Heather starts to get tense.

13:40 The first course arrives at the tables. 15 Two-Foot-Long-Eels bound about the necks by rope. Eyes bulging. Everyone takes an eel.

13:41 Heather watches the Dutch Suits de-spine the eels. She does the same. Heather regards the spine of the eel sitting on her plate. Thanks to a life of Sushi, the eel doesn't frighten her once she has torn off its head.

13:50 Full Mackerals (Sp?) are brought to the table, again bound by rope about the neck. Heather declines.

14:30 Third round of wine and beer brought to table. Heather is tipsy.

15:00 Main Course arrives. Leg of Hog, with hoof. Some part of a lamb. Something else, unidentifiable. Heather feels sick. Everyone yells something in Dutch over and over again, then everyone begins to cut into Hog Leg.

15:15 Ice Cream Cones served.

That was the Lunch of Saturday!

On Sunday Night, Brendan, Jim, Tim, Paddy and I went to Utrect to do a HLN on the road. It was an awesome show, three acts long. There's nothing more surreal than this job. Saturday, I cut into the head of an Eel with my thumb. Sunday, I free style rapped about Jeremey from London. What the hell.