These Days ...

September may be difficult, but it's not without reward. I actually enjoy getting up early to do corporate shows. The sunlight is golden-wonderful, it's so peaceful to eat breakfast and have coffee and watch the windows fog up from my heater. (... Now if only I could sleep better at night. If I have one more Training nightmare ... ugh.) Been watching His or Her Circumstances in the mornings, Witch Hunter Robin at night. It's nice to feel like I've finally hit a groove. I don't like falling into Routines, but there are some things which are necessary patterns, I think, in order for one to feel like they're living. A heartbeat for the day, if you will. If you do some things the same way each day, then you can really appriciate the things which differ. And I do enjoy novelty.

I'm in such a good mood, all of this is thrown up without judgement. Sorry if it's a little sweet.

This weekend, I have tons of shows, and then Boom Prom.

Now, most events here are something I look forward to. A prom, however, sounds a little forced. The other parties seem born out of holidays or anniversaries ... not Prom. It makes me tense. Why reenact an event which was so hideous to begin with. Might as well have a "Doctor's Waiting Room" dance. Or "Dentist in July!". True, it'll be nice to be there with Sophie, but ... ugh. Anxiety. Gotta find a dress, gotta do my hair, paint my nails.

This whole thing already feels a little like being in school again; the tiny clique of friends, the lack of responsibility, the lockers and teachers and hallpasses. Prom is just going to push it past the sickening into the surreal.

Try not to be pessimistic, H.

But it's Prom. Gross!