A long week, and goodbyes.

Last week, I went to Scotland and stayed on one of the most famous golf courses in the world. I ate Lobster and Asparagus, and did a show. The words don't come pouring forth because ... well, I'm thinking of goodbyes. I spent the rest of last week with Sophie, Paige, Colton. I went to the Supper Club, a place where dinner is served to you while you sit on a giant bed, and DJs spin ultimate Trip-Hop tunes. There's a giant golden door with engraved names, and an art gallery. It was the best food I had since I moved to Amsterdam. I ate Japanese food and played Zelda. And as happy as everything made me, as amazing as it was, I'm still down. I have the greatest girlfriend in the world. So why am I sad?

Because even though everything is amazing in Amsterdam, tomorrow one of the best comedians I've met in my life leaves for New York. Colton Dunn; a warm soul and playful spirit -- taking off to seek fame and fortune in the Big Apple. He's my muppet. And he'll be missed very much.

The first night I was here, I climbed up onto the second story of the stage, and hung out with a bottle of white wine and pitied myself. And who joined me? Colton. He used to be the white wine boy, and the torch had been passed.

And it makes me aware, suddenly, of this whole process being a continuous set of goodbyes. Goodbyes to come here, goodbyes to stay ... so many goodbyes. It's the best thing in the world to have so many people worthwhile ... and so terrible to have to watch them all leave. Or watch them stay when I take off.

I head home tomorrow, to say Hello, Goodbye to all of my Los Angeles friends and family. See you soon, and see you later to those leaving. I'll miss you, Colton. Toodle-Pip.