Scotland and a few more days ...

So what a week I have ahead of me. Fantastic! This Monday, I go to Scotland for a show. On Tuesday Night, I head to Paris (hopefully) with Sophie. On Friday, I have my last Late Night with Colton Dunn ... who leaves next Tuesday, forever. But I'll be sad about it in Los Angeles, because I go there on Tuesday, too. Of course, Colton's birthday is next Monday, so there'll be at least one more day of celebration first. A certain week of Highs and Lows. New friends leaving, and Old ones getting reunited.

Tonight's Heineken Late Night is XXL -- meaning, there's a 600 person party after in the theatre, with DJ and Acrobats and MTV people. I have a Gamecube and I play Zelda constantly. I'm very proud and very happy, and I wish I could share this with all of you, so very very very badly. If I win the Lotto, I'm going to bring everyone out to visit.