Live from LA

What a strange place America is. Or at least, that's what I'm supposed to be experiencing. Everyone who comes back from Amsterdam says that, "It's the hardest shock of your life." But to be honest, I don't think it's strange at all here. It just feels like Los Angeles. The only thing that was remarkable at all was the shift in attitude on the airplane once I switched over in Houston. See, from Amdam to Texas, the flight was quiet and cordial. But as soon as I got on the plane in Texas, people were angry and threatening.

"Excuse me. I know you're not sitting in my seat."

"I am not going to take a chair without a pillow!"

"I want another water, now."

Everyone had an air about them, like they deserved to be feared and privilaged at the same time. I'm not exaggerating. But once I got off the plane, it was the same old same old; just people being people ... with more fat.

Now I'm at Anime Expo, with DSL service in my room, and I'm quite pleased. Hope to see some of you this weekend.