Day two began at 3:00pm (1500) when I woke up recovering from my first night in A'dam. Some party! Check out for pictures from my first night and first show. No hangover, probably thanks to the incredible French Fries that I had before I hit the sack -- who knew that Peanut Paste and mayonaise would taste so good together? Congrats, Holland. You've changed the way I eat potatoes.

Spent the day unpacking, making a list of everything that I'll have to buy at Ikea, and talking to Dani, my roomate. She created for me a fantastic salad, and then I watched her show. After, Suzi and I wandered to the Rembrandt Pleine and found an internet cafe from which I am updating.

Everything here is so spectacular. The underside of every bridge is accented with an arch of tiny gold lights that coruscate above and below the waterline. The streets are a museum of old cars (vespas, minis) that augment the divine set design -- and even the doors to each basic apartment are mossed with carved lattice.

I want more MayoPeanut fries.

I think I'm coming down with a cold, which is to be expected given the change of weather, germs and sleep. I've got a fever that makes me dizzy and my cheeks are burning. Soon, I will head home and sleep in my tiny closet-room (which, I've been told, is not as bad as they come).

363 days left. Not that I'm counting. It's a really lucky thing to be here, and I can see immediately why people get sucked in and never come back. There are no electric bills in Holland. None. Fuck. I used to pay something like 76 dollars a month!

Now if only I had a stove ...