In Amsterdam

Hello to the few, the proud, and the privilaged! It's 2:37 am on my first night in A'dam, and due to the influence of my fellow co-workers (!) I am very drunk.

What to say?

This city is beautiful. My fellow comedians are talented and precise. Unfortunately, my room has been pulled straight from the set of "Chamber of Secrets". I live in the cupboard under the stairs. (Hogerbeets even sounds like Hogwarts.)

That's a short description of my day. But Heather! What about wandering around looking for a cellphone? The blossoming panic that set in after I realized I had no place to write? The lack of stove!!?

Ah, these will have to wait.

Not much of a first impression, but it will all be clearer after I get some sleep.

I had my first BOOM show tonight. Played Sure Ding (New Choice for those on the West Side) with old friend Dave Asher -- had some great lines, of course (because I'm a fucking genius), but the scene went on for *hours* and ended with me hating myself and my instincts. Then I played Do-Whapp (Beastie Rap) and Entrende (New Game) with my fellow new Boomers ...

The city is worth the price of admission. But I will stay only for one contract.

It's great, it's an experience, but, really ... it will be time to move on.

I miss my family. And even the old attic.

And I wish I had more time to say goodbye. My heart was left in LA, and it will probably stay there for 11 more months.

Come visit me as soon as possible. I miss you all.

Goodnight, and get ready for some pictures.