Rehearsal and Script Panic

It's been a couple of days since I've seen a computer. I really, *really* miss my PC. It looks like it's pretty difficult to get internet in my apartment on Rombout Hogerbeets Straat ... although I'm still researching what my options are. So what's happened since last I lay my fingers upon these keys?

On Sunday, Brendan (dyed blond hair) gave a bike tour for Jim, Suzi and I. I can't get over how incredible the city is. Every few minutes I have to stand my ground and remind myself that its where I live.

Right. Bike tour. We shot through the main park and had tea in a place straight out of the Shire. Then, it was off to Centraal Station (The dutch have a strange habit of putting two vowels together when the word only needs one) and the Red Light district for a 5 hour brunch at this historic former ancient hospital place where Rembrandt painted something once. Again, I have fantastic pictures of all this, but NO WAY TO FUCKING UPLOAD THEM TO ANYTHING.

Yesterday was the first rehearsal. The show is very, very tight; there's not really any time right now to ~own~ any of the lines. There's a specific way to deliver them, with specific timing. Which is fine, of course. They've said that we'll be able to change things once we're familiar with the current show -- and then in February, we start writing the next one. Rehearsal goes 4.5 hours each day, from noon, and then the evenings are free to do whatever the hell you want, unless you're in the show.

So rehearsal: We played Questions, did some improv, ran a few sketches ...


Everyone knows it was a difficult thing for me to leave LA. I miss my friends so much. There's a language that we all shared, a vocabulary of references and experiences that I feel severed from now ... but, regardless, I had to come. The professional experience is really irreplaceable. There are 90 people working at Boom -- that's 9 people per actor. There's a team of street guys who hand out flyers and poster the city. There's a photographer and 3 floors of offices. We *create,* and the company takes care of the rest. I couldn't imagine it before I came; what a unique environment it is being a part of a professional, paid show. And although it's aimed at tourists in the summer, during the winter the show is for the Dutch. It's a local show in a tourist area, like Second City or Groundlings. I perform in Amsterdam's Times Square. I'm really lucky. This may be the most incredible opportunity I've ever received.

I've learned about 30 names. I'm working on the other 60. For anyone who knows me, you can guess what a process this has been. And I have 7 more sketches to learn before my first real show on Friday. And some of these sketches are actually very funny. The ones I got before weren't the most accuarate cross-section of what the show does.


Last night I took a 3 hour walk, ate dinner and drank a two bottles of wine at a live jazz club. As soon as I get my phone card straightened out, I'll start making some phone calls to the states.

Oh! Oh! Also! There's a ~TORTURE~ museum! Ya hoo!