The Months Fly By

It's been 4 months now that I've lived in Amsterdam. More than that, actually. And it doesn't slow down. And because there are always special events (alumni week, buy out shows, tours, parents visiting, etc.), I haven't really gotten the chance to feel my life settling. I've been negleting my livejournal because the events just blur together and I can't even remember what it is that I have or haven't written about. The show is open and running smoothly. Our new music director is awesome. May is the month where everyone takes vacations, and as such Colton, Brendan and Jordan are gone on tuesday -- giving me a sour preview of their eventual full-on exit from Boom. I miss Colton already, and I know that he'll be completely gone in a month or so. It sucks. It's college accelerated. Here! Heather! Make new friends and then lose them!

In other news, it's so great to hear about the New Zealand trip that Ultimate is taking. It sounds like quite the adventure, and I'm jealous. I mean, yeah, I've got my own continental comedy trip happening, but still, I miss my old friends and I wish I could share in their experiences. Who's all on that trip, anyway?

I hope you are all safe and having a great time, no matter where you are. You're all loved. Toodle-Pip!