The Continuing Adventure

The days last forever here. Not because there's more sunlight, but simply because they're packed. I can't believe that yesterday was not only the day where I woke up at 9:00am and went out to the Esprit European head office to try on suits for the advertising photo shoot Friday, but also 'twas the day where I took a train to De Haag and had a corporate show for 1000 people in the largest auditorium I've ever performed in.

Yesterday -- the day when I played "Murder" until 2 in the morning and took a walk with Brendan and Suzi in Vondel Park with glasses of cheap rose wine. Yesterday I started learning the rules of Skat, the german card game. Yesterday saw my first snow in Amsterdam. Yesterday, I rode my "bike" to work. Yesterday I ate Chicken Pesto and 12 Midget Potatoes for 2 Euro, courtesy of the Boom Kitchen. Yesterday, I was paid 70 dollars to play Emotional Option.

And of course, yesterday, I missed great conversations with my friends. There was an hour or two at 4 in the morning when all I wanted was to be home and hanging out with the LA crew. It's just such a waste to be having all these experiences and not sharing them with someone that I can look in the eyes, and draw on all the shared exformation that comes with knowing someone.

It sucks that I can't be in Vondel Park and turn and say, "See? It's amazing."