So yesterday was Superbowl sunday, and Boom celebrated by playing football at the Museum Plein in 40 degree rain. I scored a touchdown and some pretty significant defensive plays against my highly skilled improvisor opponents. It's really a badge of honor to sack someone who's been training for football for years, and I'll wear my medal with great pride. I earned that ring. What a memory! Yes! This is how I will always remember Superbowl Sunday! The great memory of my incredible touchdown and impressive defensive capacities!! Or I'll remember it as that day that dog pissed on my backpack while we all watched.

On one end of the field: An entire troop of English-speaking, mud-covered, wet comediannes screaming "NO" at the top of their lungs. At the other end of the field: a tiny dog evacuating its bowels on my backpack. Ugh.

Oh well. Last night, we all headed up to Jan's apartment and watched the Superbowl until 6am. I've got 5 shows this week, and everything is going well. I need some gloves and a raincoat. It's always raining.