Press Premiere

It smells like a yak in the Boom Office. The washing machine right outside leaks constantly, and the water washes under the door and onto our never-cleaned carpet. There are footprints that track into the bathroom and stain the floorboards brown with mystery dirt, and the carpet goes "squish-squish" like watered lawn. We are all poor. Suzi sometimes doesn't have money to eat with.

And then on Sunday, I was on MTV, for the press premiere of our new show, Boom Chicago Saves the World. Total lights and glamour.

I don't know how to describe the opening. Maybe I'll try later.

This is the strangest existence one could imagine - ok, maybe not - I can imagine that life as a cat might be weirder, especially if you were a blue cat that hung from the moon, but you get the picture.

Spring is here. Yesterday, the gathered casts of 10 years of Boom shows descended on the very Brothers Grimm amusement park, Effteling, and spent the day riding roller coasters and watching 3D movies. Today, I wandered around Amsterdam in the sun, taking photos and reading a book.