Boom Chicago Saves the World

On the eve of the opening of the show. After 4 weeks of near-constant rehearsal, the show finally opens tomorrow, in preview form. I don't know if I've mentioned that I was picked for the opening night cast, but that's what happened - some actors here never get to open a show -- I feel like I've accomplished something and I don't really have any idea of its magnitude. I got a glimmer of it when I saw my face on the side of a tram, next to the familiar font of Boom Chicago Saves the World. Jesus Christ.

Apparently, the official opening show (next week, Sunday the 13th) is covered by all the networks here and there's a red carpet rolled out and we get our photos taken as we stroll in to warm up. Like the Oscars, only much, much smaller. But also pretty big. The shows next week are all sold out. And I've been on the cover of a magazine. Yesterday, five of the boom actors hosted a show on MTV, right after one of the Jackass guys. Wow.

What an amazing few months this has been.

The cast for opening night - Brendan, Colton, Jordan, Dani and I - have been in every show for the last week, and will continue to work together in every show until the 21st. What a talented group of people, all professional, all very courageous. I'm learning so much, from celebrity impressions to the way to zing an unruly crowd; these are muscles I've never exercised before, and now they're sore every day.

Tonight saw two shows, the first of which was kinda rough. The second, however, was all I could hope for as I head to bed tonight. What an incredible show. Christ I'm tired.

We have a theme song. We have lasers. I know it takes more than fancy lights and sound to have a good show, though. We also have a full-on, fully realized script that says something about the state of the world, and new kinds of improv games that we created.

I said thanks to Pep tonight. In October, he met me at Doughboys on Third street, and I wore cat ears as we talked about whether or not I would consider going to Amsterdam. I had no idea of the gravity of our conversation, or how many people wanted the job that I was being considered for. And I was very, very hesitant to leave my family in Los Angeles. I still miss them with all my heart, and think about them every day. (Especially when I'm eating shitty Dutch food. Of course, then I'm mostly just thinking about eating food with them. But still, I'm thinking of friends. And food. God, the food here sucks.)

Anyway, it's a rough choice to make - leave a family to join a new one. In the end, I'm I'm lucky - I have three families. I wish I could have everyone here to see all this, to be a part of the process. I want everyone to meet everyone. I can't wait till they do.