One Thousand Person Show

Yesterday, Suzi and Tim and I went to Utrect for a C show, which was for an audience of more than 1000 students. We finished the set with Yo! (our freestyle rap set), and all was well. This was Tim's first time Yo!ing and he did a fantastic job. There are easier ways to lose your virginity than ryhming to a thousand students ... but he never cried once. The rest of the afternoon the three of us walked around Utrect. That's what's great about going on Corporates with friends; after, you can hang out and enjoy the city or what-ev. I got Mario Party 4, as well as EA Sports' Quidditch Game.

Now, here's a question:

Quidditch is a made-up word that doesn't mean anything. It's not a combination of Quid and ditch, nor does it describe the sport in any way.

So why in Holland has Quidditch been renamed ZWERKBAL? What the hell is a Zwerk? Is it just because the combination of QUI isn't very familiar to the Dutch? Or is it because it's an offensive other-word?

The damn title screen still says Quidditch.