I feel like my life has become a justification of costumes. Last night was the Gonzo party, and I arrived in my Gothic Lolita piece from Cosmates Japan. Too bad the party sucked so much. I've spent the last few months oggling the flyers and getting excited about the classy atmosphere, the attention to design, the implied warehouse setting. But none of these are features of a Gonzo party. Instead, Suzi and I went to the Amuse ... and to our horror, arrived at a party that smelled like wet carboard and was so thick with fog effects that my lungs will be coated with oil until Christmas. And very few people were wearing costumes that had any love in them.

That's the difference between Halloween and Generic Costume Party. At Halloween, people tend to put a little thought into what they want to wear -- who their alter ego for the eve will be. But at the Gonzo party, it was just, as Suzi put it, "What can I put on tonight for this?"

Nevertheless, Brendan was in top form, and was very enjoyable to watch. He's a swizzle stick that bends at all places. And he hosts a party well, too.

Ahem. Also, I can't figure out how to publish more than one photo at a time for this journal. So, gone is last entries photo of Sof and I, and up is this picture of the Gonzo Party costumes of me and Suze.

Ahem, that is, if I could only figure out how to even publish a second file to the web. I have space on Chello, obviously ... but no memory of how to create a tree for files, nor how to publish to the web without an FTP client ... and Microsoft only wants to let me put one up there. Oh dear. Well, some other time.

HA HA! Update! Thanks for the FTP program, Fub! Here's a pic of Suzi and I in the Shiny before the Gonzo Party!