Not Going Home Yet

My trip back to the states has been postponed until February. There are simply too many shows to do in December. Also, I still don't have internet at my house. The company decided to reschedule my appointment until the 4th of November. But they didn't tell me until I called them. It went something like this.

UPC: "Yeah, ok? This is UPC."

Me: "Hi, I had an appointment to get internet installed today ... "

UPC: "No, that's not until the fourth."

Me: "What?"

UPC: "Yeah, it's not today, ok? We'll be there on the fourth."

Me: "Of November?"

UPC: "Yeah."

Me: "Umm ... what happened to today?"

UPC: "That is not possible."

ME: "What? You didn't even respond to my question."

UPC: "Lekker."