Finally! Mission Accomplished!

After a grueling 11 months of living in Amsterdam, I now have the internet in the comfort and privacy of my own home! Fantastic! This weekend was the Boom Chicago Halloween Party. Many details are available at the website (, but for a little briefing, how's this:

I went with Sophie, dressed as a couple of 18th century dandies ... or something. I was in full blue velvet cloak and white wig, and she was in a grey/blue dress that she had dyed in my washing machine. I think her vampire teeth implied a relationship between us that we never really worked out completely. Who needs details?

Pictures, are of course available at the Boom page. I am not sure how to link to embedded photos, but I need to learn. Fub once told me many moons ago, but he said something like "just use a hyperlink" ... and that means very little to me these days. Oh, for a time machine back to when I knew how to encode websites! Now I'm just Adobe's bitch.

My mom visits at the end of the month. Yahoo! I get some Pumpkin Bread Mix!