no e in

Anime, more than any other art form I've encountered, has harnessed the power of moments. In fact, animation, in general, has the unique capacity to be completely constructed of choices. Everything on screen is a choice in Animation. The character design, the colors, the framing, the duration of a shot -- everything is placed for effect and meaning. Or lack thereof. A moment in animation achieves a greater consciousness than any other type of art. Moments in live action film are often mostly-harnessed chaos. Sure, the actors are directed, the backgrounds set, the weather can even be changed -- but with the exception of Ridley Scott, usually a film is captured randomness. Painting can't control what you hear, nor how long you look at it. Video games are subject to the whims of the Player, and radio leaves your eyes wandering, effectively informing the sounds with what you happen to be looking at. Animation is choice.

And Anime is the best of animation.

This being said, there are moments in Anime which stand above all others as shrines to choice. Shinji in the Sea of Dirac. Hitomi taking Van's hand on the track field. Utena's Sword falling from the heavens into Juri's rose. The final 20 seconds of Honey and Clover. The final 30 seconds of Saikano. Edward Elric screaming for his brother's return. Naruto giving the thumbs up to Sakura for the last time, or Lee taking off his restraints. Kenshin and Saito. These are moments in which every choice is in perfect sync. The sound, the pace, the composition -- all of the choices harmonize, and the resonance becomes a perfect moment.

Today, in Noein, I got another moment.

Episode 7's final 10 minutes are astounding. Sometimes, when watching anime, I begin to fear that I'm becoming desensitized to it; that it is becoming a prerequisite as opposed to an end. Then I get something like Noein, and I'm humbled by the clear and perfect choices. Fub: Watch This When It All Comes Out. You have to; you're my only anime friend. I really hope you like it. At least through episode 7, it's really great.

In other news, Jim and I are now a part of the Upright Citizens Brigade. Last night, we were cast on a harold team there, after call-backs. Nic Wiger is also on the team, and furthermore, I get to perform with the aforementioned Paul Rust. If his Improv is half as good as his sketch, he'll be a joy to work with. Our first show is in a couple of weeks. By then, I'll have my camera and maybe I'll be able to post a bit of the show.