Headshots and Comedy

For those interested in seeing ALL of the headshots taken of me by Dana Patrick, please head to this link and view them at If there are shots there that you like more than the ones I've posted here, please add a comment to the picture! There are 102 pics there, so it's not easy going, but your feedback will be appriciated dearly.

In other news, I've moved to the Saturday show at Ultimate Improv. Workshop was quite wonderful this week, as was the early Saturday show I got to do. Ultimate doesn't feature the frightening, cutting-edge content it used to, but the theater is still overflowing with talent. I am happy to be back there.

If you want to really see something that makes me laugh, go to El Cid (Sunset Blvd, Los Feliz) on Monday Nights at 9:00pm. Or, alternately, check out the Podcast at Garage Comedy.Check out the work of a young comic named Paul Rust. He's amazing. True, I've only seen two of his bits, but they are the closest thing I've ever seen to actual genius.

Last night, I actually auditioned with Paul at UCB, for a harold team. Jim and Nic Wiger also auditioned in my group; all of us were called back for tonight. It would be an honor to be a part of the UCB family. I could finally get one of those imposing t-shirts.