God of War, Eggs and Bacon

Tonight I finished my article for The Gamer's Quarter. It's a piece on heroism and the PS2 title, God of War. I haven't been promised a slot in the next issue, but they liked my pitch and if they like my article, they'll put it in. It's unpaid freelance. A thought: When parents encourage you to "be yourself," what they don't tell you is that the rest of humanity is doing the opposite. They're being each other, and they're more social for it. I have carved out a very specific set of likes and loves, and am proud of the way I live. But damn if it hasn't left me with like 15 friends on this whole planet. It's not self-pity, just an observation on self-induced lonliness.

Finally, after being told by my doctor that I was heavier than she'd ever seen me, (at an astonishing 7 pounds more .... seriously, what was she thinking she'd do to my psyche when she told me that I was "heavy." She's a Doctor. She's not supposed to tell someone who's thin that they're getting fat. She might as well have added, "And you're less attractive than ever, too") ... ahem, I joined Jim and Suzi on the Atkins Diet. It rules. I fit into all of my clothes again, and feel h e a l t h y. It's not often that you look down in the shower and are okay with what you see. And I am, thanks to this constant diet of Bacon and Eggs and Broccoli.

But do I ever dream of peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwhiches made with sliced donuts.