First Boom Show Tonight

After a week of rehearsals, it is finally time to take on the Boom stage. And by first show, I mean my first Sketch Show: Best of Boom. Out of the last 90 hours I've spent awake, 65 of them have been spent at the Leidseplein Theater.

I smell like a dead mouse.

So, wish me luck. In a couple hours, I kick ass. My first appearance will be in a piece where I get to say the words, "Titties" and "Dick Sap." I do another show afterwards. Then I get paid. Life is good.

Last night I spent three hours shopping for footwear. I've been told that Amsterdam is fashion central; there's no better place to shop, save Paris. But if this is the future of clothing, get ready to spend the better half of 03 dressed like a cheese farmer -- in mid-shin pants and pointy boots. The clothes here look like they're made out of sod. Maybe I'm just in the wrong district, but Jesus Christ it seems the Dutch are retarded. And none of them wash their goddamned hands.