Last night, we had a kick ass show. For 4 hours, I was the luckiest improvisor on earth. We are paid to play, and paid to drink Heineken. Really. We have to have at least one beer. What the hell kind of life is this? After Randall's going away party/show (it was his last Best of Boom show), I played in the Heineken Late Night. Fog Machine. Freestyle rapping. A goddamned DJ spinning tunes in the Boombar. Next week I'm up. I'm going to be MC P.O.W., a rapper who's been in a war camp for 13 years and has flashbacks once in a while.

I'm turning into a donkey.

Today I got to sleep in (finally) and then I walked the city all day again. Found a great cafe called "Panorama" that looks out on some historic district that has been there for all time. And another restaurant that has performance art comedy overlooking the canal. Good lord.

Come visit.