Why We Fight

I just got finished watching the Sundance Grand Jury prize winning documentary Why We Fight. Describing the development of the military-industrial complex, Why We Fight provided me with the simple deconstruction I’ve needed to understand the actions of the United States in the world military theater.   With reasonable elegance, it provided this ignorant, psuedo-politically conscious, former Economist reader with the vocabulary she needed to have a greater comprehension of Congress, Business, and Foreign Policy.

It was a wonderful thesis, delivered sweetly.  I don’t need conspiracy theories about 9/11, nor ghost stories about Halliburton.  Why We Fight broke it down: we go to war for money.  It seems naive to write it in such simple terms, like a bumper sticker insert, but how much do you really consider how war works, or how we make money from it?

I deeply suggest watching this movie.  It’s a good, engaging documentary.  And you’ll learn a lot, fast.

Also, I am in love with Eisenhower.