The week past.

I know I don't post much, but that's not for lack want. As I've mentioned before, this is not my home computer, but rather the computer at work. There's only so much time I have on it without getting on other people's nerves. Worse, writing on a computer in a communal office doesn't provide one with much privacy. But why do I have problems writing a public journal in a public office?

I don't want to give my opinions to my fellow cast members. Just you, dear reader. Just you.

Now, draw closer and let my whispers reach your ears fresh like ... lettuce.

This week was one of great silence. I spent much of it wandering the city, contemplating the architecture and culture of this strange land. Are Amsterdammers as rude as Americans? Or are they worse? Of course, there's no objective answer, so I'll have to offer my opinion:


When I wasn't wandering, taking photos, trying on dresses, eating cookies ... I was trying to get a cell phone plan, so that I may make more calls to the states and such. But Vodafone, the best dutch cell phone company, won't allow me to sign a contract. I'm a girl with great credit and a full time job. I want to give them money for their services and they won't let me. So if you're a hacker, please look up and figure out a way to destroy their web page. Replace it with a long banner that says simply, "Pannekoeken." And then a small picture of a donkey with a beard.

Hopefully, Dhr. Hacker, you'll have a fair sense of justice about you and you won't take down my journal. Please. I beg of you.

I don't know any hackers.

Umm, where was I? Oh yes. The week.

I ordered one of my Halloween costumes from Ebay. For those of you familiar with the Gothic Lolita style (J-rock cosplay and the like), I'll be spending one of my parties dressed as a Malice Mizer wannabe. For those who don't speak dork: I'll look like a giant doll in a pink dress and curly black hair.

The other costume is still in the works. There's a store here that has several in my size ... but I need to have the free time to head out and purchase.

Let's see.

I've watched Equilibrium. The film is not great, surely. But it does have its moments. Any fan of action movies should enjoy the philosophy of the gun fights, as well as the japanese stylings of the final sequence.

I also watched The English Patient. It was so long I thought I had mistakenly rented the English Patient Trilogy.

Can you tell I've not talked much this week? The same complaint, day in and day out: Heather Needs Friends. Jim and Tim went to Athens. I'm hanging out with cereal and talking to the ironing board.

Late Night tonight had me rapping again, as MC Shock. Shock!! (That second shock was not an extension of my name. No, it was because I like the word shock enough to write it twice. Now, four times). We played Beastie Rap and the Arnold Game (which is a pun-game not unlike one played at Ultimate Improv).

That's all, people. I just work alot. Hold on, the Iron wants to say something:

"Helen Keller, stop answering me. How can you even tell the phone is ringing in the first place, you're deaf. Why would you ever answer the fucking phone!??"