The Thick of It

I know I have no right to complain, being that I do what I love and make money from it, but a 14 hour day is a 14 hour day whether you're filing papers or running around on stage. I would *rather* be on stage, but both will make you tired. And we're working from 11am-1am these days ... so I am tired. It's difficult to come up with new sketch ideas when you're learning 3 new sketches a day (get them at 3pm, learn them by 7 to be performed in a show) and not getting any sleep. I'm *always* at Boom. But next week I get to take a break. I've been scheduled to go to Seville, Spain for 4 days. We'll do 2 shows. One will be in a Bull Arena. Seriously.

So, again, I have no right to complain. In fact, I'll take it back. I'd rather be doing this than anything. 14 hours is fine by me. And tonight, two of my sketches are in the show. They're far more topical than is my instinct; we're given writing assignments as opposed to just bringing in what we think is funny ... so one of my sketches was written with Suzi and it's about an Asian kid working in McDonalds and asking the customers to abuse her, and then the other is about Tom Ridge (Homeland Security) trying to convince america that Pants are a threat to national security.

When I write it like that, it sounds like both of the sketches are right up my alley.

I turned in WereChair, but it was declined. Oh well ... just forces me to write more.