The Process ... stress ... and ... vacations.

Hey hey hoo! So, lately we've been working our 12-14 hour days at Boom, gearing up the new show "Bite the Bullet". The material is extraordinary; it will be the perfect final show before I head back to the USA.

(Click there to see all the reasons I'm heading home.)

What's great about this year's show is that everyone has submitted dazzling material. Everyone's got a slot to show off their sense of humor, and it makes me extremely proud. The BtB cast is really strong, and unless our producer steps in and adds too much gum to the gears, it's going to be a very provocative and unusual show for Boom. We've got multiple sketches that tackle terrorism, belief, religion, Amsterdam, American Foreign Policy ... and a few silly pieces too. As it stands right now, there is very little improv in the show. Perhaps that will change next week, maybe it won't. I am pro-third-act improv, meaning that I think the show should stand as an improv-frij zone, and then the show be followed with a set, like Second City apparently does.

In other news, I'm Going To Japan!!!! I have a double-vacation planned for late May. It'll be my first trip in more than a year away from the show, and I'm overwhelmed by how sweet the trip will be. I land in LA on the 15th of May, see a Final Fantasy Orchestral Concert on the 16th, celebrate Josh's birthday with a midnight showing of Star Wars on the 18th, and then fly to Japan on the 19th! I'm spending 9 Days In Japan!! I'll hit LA for one day on the way back through.

So let's get lunch! I've got a lot of people to see in a very short amount of time. Scott, Dan and Lauren, Rachel, Will ... wanna get some Lunch!? I've gotta drop by the Boom people too; Jordan, Brendan, Josh, Ike, Nicole ... I can't drive anymore because my lisence expired, so pick me up and take me to pancakes!


Back to work for me! And don't forget; I'll be in Vienna in early May ....