The Owl Debut

Close friends have heard me talk about Owl for years.  I actually looked up the bit in an old journal; it’s been five years since I came up with Owl with Josh Kushins. Tonight, Owl went live.

So, what is Owl? Owl is an owl stand-up comedian.  Owl tells owl jokes, and then botches it’s way through “human jokes.”  Examples include:

Owl Joke:

“I just flew in from the forest, and boy are my wings tired.”

Human Joke:

“Now that the cold war is over, whooooo’s an enemy?”

“So, whooooo takes the 405?  (Pause.) More like a parking lot.  (Pause.)  I should have staaaayed at the mall.  (Pause.)  Not a lot of drivers here, huh?”

“Normally I hate Jews, but I can’t get enough of that F. Murray Abraham!”

The bit is simple: Obeservational Comedy by a total, ignorant outsider.  Owl has been to comedy clubs, but doesn’t understand what is funny about Human Jokes.  Still, Owl wants to break into human comedy, and tries to work his/her way into clubs with people humor. Matt Jones was once on tap to do a bit with Owl, where he played a retard who wanted to play with the large, confused bird.  Josh was once going to play a heckler who shouted simply, “Tell a joke, Owl!”  Over the years, Owl has been through a lot of different iterations, but only tonight was Owl actually tangible.

To a sold-out crowd at I.O., I did Owl as part of a variety show.  In a full Owl costume, up to my neck … large white circles over my eyes, a yellow beak, and glasses.  And the audience loved it.  Owl has been really, truly born into the world tonight, and my apartment has the feathers to proooooove it.