The Neverending Story

Tonight at the Groundlings, I’m putting up a sketch that I can finally say showcases my sense of humor. It’s a different take on the final moments of The Neverending Story, where Bastian rides Falcor to get revenge on the bullies that beat him up at the beginning of the movie. After saving Fantasia, Bastian gets anything he desires, after all.

In the version that I co-wrote with James Adomian, Bastian goes mad with power and goes on a theft and murder spree before becoming God. The set designer/prop master at The Groundlings has built me a replica Falcor head that I ride behind. I control his mouth with a foot-pedal. If it goes well, I’ll post it to YouTube next week.

If you want to see the sketch in action (it’s at the end of the nearly 3 hour show), you can always come see the final week of Sunday and the Bandit tonight at 7:30pm. Text me ahead of time and I’ll comp you.