The August 2011 Midnight Show Poster

It's been three years since The Midnight Show began performing at UCB Los Angeles. In that time, we've had three people get hired by Saturday Night Live, two people get hired to write for FOX, five people hired for G4 and Fuel TV, and received countless other unrelated pilots, movies, commericials, and gigs as actors and writers. We've been hired by Hilton and CarFax for commercial campaigns, while our posters have graced the back cover of AdBusters. We've self-financed a first episode of our own show, which has yet to find a home. But the dream? We're still dreaming. The dream of getting The Midnight Show on television lives on.

This poster is made of three years of images from our live show, behind the scenes pictures, and stills from our videos. Happy Birthday, TMS.