I just got back from shooting my line for DB2. I'm not even on film; I'm a video shot in the background of another shot of Duece. Oh well. All of the things I've heard about Rob Schnieder weren't in effect today on the set. He was a gentleman who grabbed me a bottle of water and some vitamins to counter the horrible heat and sun. Maybe it's because I'm a girl. In fact, scratch that - it's most likely because I'm a girl. Still, I had fun. Tonight's the wrap party, and I'm looking forward to hanging out with the light guys and video feedback people that I've been talking to all week. The adult Dutch crew are very nice people.

Very nice? Christ, I sound like a hostage.

Yesterday was the 2nd highlight of the trip. I went into the mountains to the old city of Ronda. High stone walls protect this last stand of the Moors; it was unfortunate to see the gaudy decoration of the inevetable Christian takeover. What was still Moorish, however, was amazing. It was elegant and dusty, like a city made of favorite old shoes. Great food, and SPECTACULAR vistas. I went into a cave and into a bath and into a museum and into a church. The moors were good folks.

Tomorrow, I go back to Amsterdam and do two shows. I feel invigorated, I think. Or I've gone crazy from being alone so much.