Summer Cleaning

During cleanup of the office, what should I come across but a copy of the script Board Game Model and a headshot of Luke Hatton from his audition in 2000!? Wow. Such a sudden shock to see a familiar face here -- I almost considered keeping the photo just to have it. The only pictures I brought with me from home were two Mee-Ow cast pictures from 1998 and 2000 ... everyone else brought shoeboxes of things from home to remind them of what they were missing. Perhaps it would have been nice to have a few pictures, but it just isn't my thing. I'd much rather have actual memories. Ok, that's not entirely true; I've been taking pictures constantly while I've been here -- something I've never really done before. I have more than 500 pictures on my hard drive now, all from Amsterdam. So I'll have plenty of memories to sift through when I return to the states.