Stuck in Spain

I don't want to sound spoiled, but ... let's face it, what I'm about to write is just gonna sound bitchy. I'm stuck in Spain. I don't shoot until Thursday. That leaves me with 3 full days of ... well, nothing. I'm at a hotel inbetween Estepona and Marabella - 'cept it's not really a hotel. It's a "Retirement Resort". What does that mean? 60+ Nude Sunbathing. I finally found an internet terminal, thank god, so that I could post updates and just generally keep my mind fed. I'll have finished my 2 books by tonight. Oh my god, I'm going to go crazy. Think about what you would do for 48 waking hours of nothing. What would you try? Any suggestions would be appriciated.

I'm 45 minutes from Malaga, which is a shame because I'd LOVE to visit and see the Roman Ruins and archeological digs. I wonder how much a taxi would cost.

There are no places to eat outside the hotel. I'm really in the middle of nowhere.

In other news, everyone on the production hates Rob. Shh. Don't tell anyone.